Monday, May 2, 2016

Catch Up Post - Pouch Swap, Curves and Scraps

I really need to stop and post more often.  I sat down this morning and realized that this should have been at least 3 posts.  Sorry it may run a bit long.

First and foremost - last month I participated in the  Scrappy girls club zipper bag swap. I'm really late in posting what I received and what I sent.  Very sorry about that.

These are the wonderful goodies I received.

Ok, so there is the zipper pouch that contained those grate pieces of fabric and then the zipper key ring followed by the little zip bag that contained clips all with the great little card that came with a great dip recipe.

I am facinated by the zipper technique that she used. I hope you can see it in the photos.  It is only half a zipper circled around. It is so very cool.

All three of the items used this zipper technique.  The key ring had two pulls and opened in multiple places.

Even the little bag had this great zipper.  After a little research I found the pattern for the bag I received. And of course I had to buy it so I can try this out as soon I get a free minute.  

I did read through it and it looks so easy to do.  Maybe by the weekend.

In return, I made my partner a Lola Pouch.

With a matching eyeglass and  tissue holder.

I made a note card using a scrap form the lining.

Next up - I took a class on curve piecing.  I did make a quilt many years ago using curves and once it was finished I swore off them.  Our guild offered a class on piecing curves and I thought I'd give them a try.  I am so glad I did.

I had a very successful class. I enjoyed using a pattern as well as doing the free form curve. I enjoyed curves so much that I came home and in 3 days managed to make this lap size top.

The pattern is Urban Abacus, a QCR Pattern that I picked up with the Quick Curve Ruler when I was on vacation last month. ( I had high hopes for the class )

And last but not least for this post are my scraps.

These are 4 of the 7 blocks I have made so far using my 2.5 in square scraps as leaders and enders. I'm hoping to get 16 blocks done to make a third quilt for the H2H 2016 project.

There are at least 2 more projects to report on but they will have to wait for next week. Maybe they will be joined by that cute little pouch.


  1. The zip pouches are cute - never tried this method, but love the look. So many wonderful projects on the go.

  2. Love all the zip pouches, and your quilts. Very motivating

  3. I'm interested in the trick to the zipper - would love to know if it's as easy as it seems once you've tried it. And I love love love your scrappy quilt!!!

  4. Interest zipper. You are one busy. gal.

  5. Loving those little bags! Your are doing a great job with your scraps. Mine are tame enough yet to trust in a quilt.

  6. I think you need more fabric.........

  7. I think you need more fabric.........

  8. Nice, nice, nice! I love everything you shared. I must see that key rings. Might be just the thing I need since I lost my cute palm tree fob. Of course, I love your scrappy blocks, and am looking forward to see how you're making them with strips. You DO keep busy!


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