Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Cool Down

January is my month to cool down and regroup. The big rush for crafting / quilting things for the holidays is over and I have a real problem slowing down.  It didn't help that this year I did 2 quilt tops the week between Christmas and New Years.

So I found a great little project to wind down with. Helmet Liners for the Troops

                                    picture of the hat portion with the neck portion folder under.

 Last month I was visiting Jeanna over at Slammin the Screen Door (see the link below) and saw this wonderful project she is involved with where she and her coworkers with friends and family knit helmet liners for our troops.

Anyone can help. If you follow the link she explains the why and how and will send the pattern.

picture of the hat and neck piece from the front

Picture from the side

It would have been good if I had a head model but the front neck part comes up over the chin while the neck section goes down below the collar and a helmet can sit on top of the head portion.

Anyhow it is a great cool down project. And a great way to aid the troops in a small way. It takes one skein of wool and just a few hours.  I hope to get a few done over the next several months.


  1. Your helmet liner is perfect! Thank you so much for your contribution...this is so incredibly thoughtful and kind of you to take time to make these for our troops!

    What a great way to "cool down"... :)

  2. What a fabulous idea, I am sure your helmet liners will be greatly appreciated

  3. What a terrific idea which will no doubt be very well recieved .

  4. You're so generous to share your time making such a nice, useful piece of clothing. Great job!


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