Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Little of This and a Little of That

I've been back from vacation for 10 days. They have been very, very busy days.  I started this helmet liner on the plane going on vacation and did some work on it while away and on the return trip.

I finished it when I got home.  My hope is to get 6 done by November.  2 down and 4 to go.

I showed them to a coworker and she mentioned that she wanted to crochet some chemo caps for the hospital where her daughter nurses .I gave her a quick refresher course in crochet, and  I made a cap for her to use as a sample. and then I made 2

and I started a third. They are very easy and kind of addicting.

I have signed up for the BOM for 2014 by Quilt Doodle Designs (see button on my sidebar for details)
The January block is this great Snow Man, well I should say, these great snowmen.

And if you saw my contribution to the Kona hop (see previous post) you know about my new mission to use the HST's left over when I make HST's.

I have no idea what the rest of the blocks will be or if this is the only one that will lend itself to this new mind game of mine.  I figure I will either make a maxi and a  mini quilt or this will be a great start to a wonderful 

Winter Table Runner, either way I can't lose

I also managed to make my contribution for the next Hop which gets posted on Friday, Jan 31.

Yes this is probably the most productive week and a half I have ever had and yes, I did go to work but MJ is away so I didn't need to do dinners or major cleaning when I got home each night  and we had a bunch of snow here.  While I did work from home 1 day and part of another due to the storm I gained the time I usually lose to commuting for crafting.  I also get to go to bed with my crocheting and get in a half hour that I don't normally get because I can leave the lights on with no one complaining.

Please come back and visit on Friday, my day on the She Who Sews  Hop (button is on the side bar).


  1. Both snowmen or adorable - way to use those HSTs up!

  2. Hi!!!! Wow!!!! You have been busy!!! Your snowmen are too cute!!! I am still working on mine!!!! Great idea to use you hst's and get something too cute out of them!!!!

  3. Your crochet caps are wonderful. And those snowmen blocks are just the cutest! What a bunch of possibilities come to mind for both sizes. What fun they are!

  4. You have been so creatively busy Selina. I love your snowmen blocks! And your helmet liners as well as the chemo caps will be greatl appreciated!

  5. Some great stitching happening Selina . Your snowmen blocks are great , the smaller ones are so cute , be interesting to see how you use them .

  6. You have been busy Selina. The snowmen blocks are so Cute!

  7. The caps are such a lovely idea

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