Saturday, September 22, 2012

trying something new

This is where it began.  This is my current key ring.  If you don't recognize it, it is a puppy collar.  I've been using it for years. Way before the new wrist key holders became the in thing.

Today is my friend J (in Fl.) birthday. I need to specify because I also have a friend J in NJ and they both follow my blog and they both would think this was about them and one would be let down.  I make both of these friends their birthday gifts most years.  Generally they get the Guinea Pig version of what I make.

I googled wrist key holders and got quite the selection of places to go and versions to try. Really could have skipped that part.  It is after all just a loop holding the hardware.  I did pick up the hardware at JoAnnes with a coupon. If you followed the Dots on Dots blog hop you would see that I still had some Dottie fabric laying about that needed a new home.

Well the key holder looked a little lame as a gift so I decided to try my hand at a purse, mainly because I signed up for the UR priceless blog hop, see the top button on the right, and I've been wanting to try one more and more each day.  I googled this too.  Many many to choose from and combine.  This is a combine version.  It is sewn together not glued. I got this hardware at JoAnnes too.  I did the sewn on version mainly because I didn't have glue.  Nice to have had the option with the particular frame I purchased. Apparently not all frames come with the holes.

Here is a picture of the inside.  Next time I will need to rethink the color of the peral cotton I use.  Didn't thing the stitches would show or I would have used red.  Oh look more dots.

These were quite easy to do.  I was surprised actually at how easy the purse was to make. A little more time consuming than a zipper purse but not as difficult.  Maybe less time consuming if you use the glue method.  Will need to try that next ( see that J in NJ) just need to pick up another frame.

Overall I am pleased with the experiment and I'm sure J will also be pleased especially if I ever get it in the mail.

This effort makes waiting for the Hop purse instructions a bit easier.  I understand there are a couple of spots still open if you are interested in joining the UR Priceless Hop. Enjoy the week.


  1. Happy birthday to your friend J in FL!!! I know she's going to love the purse and key holder... I certainly would!

  2. That is sew great!!! Love the idea of the wristlet and WOW! J's purse is phenom!!! I have another JoAnn's coupon if you want to pick up hardware for my bag!!! :-)
    June - NJ

  3. Lovely handmade gifts! I love the purses! One day I plan to try to make some of those!

  4. What a great, thoughtful gift! :o)


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