Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dump Quilt

This is how it began.  A bag full of the left overs from my 4 most recent quilts.

This was a great adventure started by Beth at  She threw out that she would have a Link in for a Dump and Sew.   I had never looked at my scraps from this perspective before.  Just dump out a bag of scraps and start sewing.  No rhyme, no reason and no unnecessary cutting.

 OK that was a stressful way to begin. But I got over it.
This is what I came up with.  It is currently measuring up to about 40 by 50.  Here it is spread out on my king size bed.

The rain stopped and I was able to get a much more clear picture of my masterpiece. 
I worked this up over about a week of free moments.  No thinking really speeds up the process.  I didn't give color any attention at all.  My cutting was limited to squaring up.  Looking at this picture I can see where some of my shapes were a bit lopsided  which is why I needed to square up finished sections. 
The right edge that is blowing in the wind was one piece left over from the back of my stars quilt. I didn't need to sew it together  just added it on.  There is a chunk in the middle that came from the pieced back of my black and white 1600 quilt.
All in all I would recommend this process as a fun use of sewing time.  I still have some scraps left from this dump so I will be working on piecing some sort of back to match this top.   Will post about that adventure another day.
Thanks Beth I had fun.


  1. What a great post about STRESS-free sewing! Thanks for joining in!

  2. It really looks great, so nice and colorful..its a happy quilt!

  3. What a great idea, and no measuring or worrying about colour combinations. It looks like fun

  4. Pretty, Selina! I need to throw my scraps into a quilt top too - maybe soon!!

  5. Great job - yes, they are fun, non-thinking sewing projects and help to rejuvinate us.


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