Sunday, August 28, 2011

How I spent my rained in weekend

Irene was not bad to me and mine.  We never lost power and only lost a few small branches. I have spent my lock down time very productively.

I am part of the Make a Gift on the 25th at Sew Many Ways and was very busy working on Christmas gifts.  Last month I had started on some of the blocks needed to make 3 quilts for Nephews families for Christmas.  My goal for this month was to finish at least one top.

TA DA  !

I also worked on the blocks for the other 2 tops, all of the snowmen are done and hopefully by end of day I will have the 8 star blocks done also. That would make the goal for next month - finishing the tops for the other 2 quilts.

                                                       These are the blocks for top 2.

 I also did some embroidery for a Christmas swap and started on another bag,  this one for a friend, just to break up the snowstorm I was caught up in.  I'm gonna run now since I still have several productive hours left of this crafty weekend.


  1. Wow... you had a productive weekend! Lovin' those snowmen!

  2. Love the snowmen, and so glad Irene was kind to you :)

  3. These Snowman are really cute. They will make a geat qlooking quilt.


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