Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snowing in NJ

This has been a very productive week.  I am working on 3 quilts for Christmas,that are  comprised of a total of 6 large snowmen and 12 small snow men.  I had hoped to get 2 large and 4 small done by the 25th of August.  Somehow I managed to complete all 6 of the large and 7 of the small.  The picture only shows 6 small but I didn't have another skirt hanger handy.

I'm still working on what I want to do with their faces.  Not sure if I want to use buttons or applique. Right now I'm leaning toward applique.  I made this same quilt 3 years ago for a friend and that one still has no faces. I appartently have issues.

til next time.  Selina


  1. They are looking so cute Selina - a nice orange nose would look nice, not sure what I would use for eyes, probably lean towards buttons

  2. love your design wall!!!


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