Monday, September 5, 2011

Very productive weekend

It's Monday AM and this is my weekend so far.

My weekend started Friday when a friend wanted to know if I had made the Jelly Roll quilt where you sewed all of the strips together end to end and then side by side.  Well I hadn't done it yet but had been thinking about.  Anything J sends my way I tend to take as a challenge. So Friday night I pulled out a Jelly Roll and started.  Found out real quick that it was a small roll containing only 20 strips so I had to start cutting additional strips from the matching fat quarter bundles I had picked up at the same sale. Including making 20 additional strips from the fat quarters I was completely done the top in just under 3 hours.  The first long seam of 800 inches is a hum dinger,  I finished that and went to bed.  The next morning I got up and finished the top before breakfast.  OK so the 3 hours does not include ironing. That seemed to take forever. The top finished at something around 48 x 62. I did listen to a great book while making these long seems and ironing.  "The Brutal Telling" by Louise Penny ( a mystery takes  place in Canada)

After that, I went on to finish the tote B asked that I make for her.  I really like the way this one turned out. Maybe I need to keep it for me,  maybe not because I really am toted out for the time being. Next I decided to work on some personalized purses that I wanted to do only to find out I was out of black ink. Instead I worked a bit on some mug rugs that I need to do for a swap later this month.  I gave in and ran to Staples for ink and whipped up the 2 purses and called it a day.

It's now 9AM on a cloudy soon to be rainy Holiday Monday. I need to go find something else to accomplish.    I hope you and yours have a great Holiday.


  1. I love the fabrics in your Jelly Roll quilt... it turned out lovely! And you're soooo right about that first 800"... it's definitely a doozy!

  2. Love your quilt top, a great achievement. What is the pattern called, I have not heard of it. I have a jelly roll waiting to be used

  3. The quilt top design looks very original - you have done a great job! Love the bags too.

  4. Love the quilt top. Like that you joined the strips at a 45 degree angle. I have only seen strip tops done at right angles before. It gives it a nice twist.


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