Monday, June 27, 2011

The frogs are done

They are done, really and truly done.  Hanging on the wall even. Yea team.

This quilt was really a long time in doing.  M is a Disney nut.  We saw this tile floor in the Animal Kingdom (bathroom floor)down at Disney World and I knew I could do it in fabric. Of course that was years ago. But it's done now.

So now what?

Saturday I picked up a piece of canvas 3 yards by 2 yards for $10.67 at Home Depot.  I'm seeing a friend who got me involved with stamping.  You see it coming don't you? I'm starting with a blank canvas, tee hee.

I'm not 100% sure what it is I'm going to do but I have 7 days to do it in.  Cross your fingers for me OK.

Have a good week.  Selina


  1. okeee dokee...I AM a frog collector! and YEP...these fabric frogs are really cool! I like the floor too...meee old mind is taking off...maybe they would be cool in one of my bathrooms? - the tiled ones, that is...


  2. Congratulations on your great froggie finish! The tile floor is really something...

  3. What a wonderful quilt with cute frogs! And lovely story behind how you find the inspiration!
    Thank you for your visit!


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