Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great quilty day

Had an all around great day.  Spent some quality time with my mom, sister and my sister's family in between some real great quilt projects.

Several weeks ago I saw ticker tape projects on several blogs and thought I might like to try it.  Then i saw some raw edge applique and thought I might try that, also or instead of, depending on the project.  Further thought and I realized neither was something I wanted to do a whole quilts worth and the idea morphed into maybe something on a tee shirt for the summer in maybe red, white and blue.

Last weekend I was sorting through my hangings for the front door and came across the country flag I came up with several years ago for a guild block of the month.  The timing was just too good and I knew I wanted it on my tee shirt. 

So now I have a fusible, blanket stitched, appliqued flag on a tee shirt for the summer.  While I was at it I whipped one up for a friend who I will be seeing in a couple of weeks.  I guess that means that the ticker tape and     raw edge will need to stew awhile longer for an outlet of their own.                             
       All in all a very Happy Mothers Day.


  1. Great shirt! I love it! Sometimes quick and easy is the most fun. :)
    xx, shell

  2. Nice gift idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my I-pod pouch. It was fun to make.

  3. I love the green quilt on your last post...but I was unable to leave a comment there for some reason! ;/ Way too pretty for the dog and bone me thinks.


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