Sunday, May 22, 2011

The cocky quilter

What happens to a quilter who gets cocky?????  She spends a lot of time ripping. How do I know this you may ask. 

Well for the last several weeks I have been working on a 9 patch with pinwheels quilt. I said to myself "9 patch with pinwheels, easy peasy right.  I can do that with my eyes closed," ha.

The 9 patch portion of the block was pretty simple.  I hacked up 60 charm squares that spanned the past decade ( we all have charms left from the millennium don't we ). Since I pulled primarily fall looking colors I used creams for the background.  Now is the part where I got cocky.  Two of the edges of the 9 patch get sashed with a cream strip and the triangle for the pinwheel.  I cut all of the strips and then auditioned fabric for the pinwheels, thankfully I only cut enough for 8 blocks to start because I put half of the triangles in at the wrong angle. Of course I didn't catch that until I had trimmed the cream off the back of the triangle. Can you say scrap bag?

Next I took the 48 small blocks with the corrected sashing and whipped them into 12 large blocks.  Merrily I sewed along in ignorance putting the 12 together upside down or backward.  RIP

I have no idea what was wrong with my brain this weekend because the insanity just went on and on. Next I put 2 of the 4 rows together wrong.  RIP

All I have left to do now is the outside edge of sashing to complete the pinwheels.  That part not only has seen ripping but parts have seen the trash and parts have seen the scrap bin.  I so badly wanted it done today but common sense finally won out and I have given in and accepted the fact that I was going to do some real damage to something if I didn't give myself a time out.

I hope I have learned the valuable lesson on not being so cocky.  Maybe by week end or next week even, I will have a picture of the quilt top with all of the triangles going in the correct directions.

 My sister dropped in, in the middle of this afternoons tirade and has put dibs on this quilt. That means I not only need to finish the outside edge I need to quilt it.  It is probably the incentive I needed to calm down and think positively about finishing it instead of dumping it in a box.  All in all this "simple" quilt has been a humbling experience.

Have a good week.  me

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