Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Catch Up - Big Time

I knew I hadn't posted in a bit.  I didn't realize how big a bit it's been. So I apologize in advance for the picture overload, but if I don't get them all in now I'll never get back to them.

One of the organizations I volunteer with is Operation Shoebox.  This group fills bags with misc articles for our troops overseas.  The bags contain lots of goodies such a HBA items, puzzles, snacks note pads, hand knit hats, snacks etc.  Each bag also gets a hand written note.  A couple of months ago a request for blank note cards came out to the membership.  The request coincided with the release of CELEBRATION TIME  a quilt pattern by Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt. I took one of the blocks from this great pattern and shrank it down to card size and made several fabric  cards.

I showed the cards at a quilt quilt meeting and we decided that I could do a demo class at some time in the future (it's next week) .  I don't want to limit the idea pool to just fabric so I've also made up some more traditional card samples for the demo using card stock and my printer.

Back to sewing and my embroidery machine,  I signed up for a series of class at my LQS to make a Christmas quilt using the embroidered paper pieced blocks by  Amazing Designs

While the blocks are very nice I have discovered that I don't like to paper piece no matter what the type of method used.  

So after making these 6 blocks I've decided that I'm not going to make the quilt.  I will continue with the class since there is always something to learn about my machine and its many talents from both the instructor and the other members of the group.

So come July there will be a new baby boy added to our family .  My niece and her husband are having their first child and as any good aunt I have been sewing away for the newbie. After seeing several of the baby quilts I have made over the last couple of years, she requested this family of giraffes by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts as  her quilt of choice. 


I then whipped out a receiving blanket using the tutorial by Jenny at MSQ.

And then just because I can and because they are so cute I made a couple of burp clothes using an embroidery design from Kreative Kiwi

Going back to Jersey I felt the need to upgrade my tote.  I have been carrying this
 Easy - Peasy Back Pack since last summer

So I classed up my look for the trip with this version

classic black on black

I made it reversible so that as soon as I got home I went back to being the retired fun loving me.

Since the baby shower was in NJ I had to find some hand work that I could play with while I was away.   I have been using an embroidery pattern set of Sashiko designs for quilting and decided to give Sashiko a traditional try.

So after some googling and you tube searching I started.  Having fun even if I'm not using the traditional colors.  For these items.  

I did order a traditional piece that I'm working on currently.

I've also been working on Small Kennel Quilts.  Due to the horrible flooding and now the wild fires requests have been coming in  at an alarming rate from across the country. More information can be found here

I have picked a couple of simple embroidery designs to use for the the quilting of these 12 x 18 pieces which speeds up my process.


And last but not least I'm working on a shawl.  Another hand carry around piece to work on in waiting rooms and at meetings.

That's all the pictures I have but I don't think it's all that I have been working on.  I will definitely have to pay more attention to the photo part of my creative process.

Until next time, take care.


  1. As usual, you are staying amazingly busy, Selina! You have your hands on everything, don't you? Those cards for Operation Shoebox are really nice - the colors and the text pieces. I admire you for making so many. Well heck, I admire you for all the donations you make! That giraffe quilt is great, and I'm happy for you to have a home for it. We have another baby coming to our family too, in October (a great-niece or nephew), and I hope to make this same quilt for them, though I'm not asking for their input! Ha, ha, ha. I'm fascinated by the Sashiko you're doing. What will become of the green piece? And those dragonflies are nice. Is that a pin cushion? Your crocheted shawl is wonderful too. Golly, you make me feel like a lump of do-nothing! But I still like you. :-)


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