Friday, August 3, 2018

New Month - New Challenge

Well not exactly.  I started this new personal challenge on July 28.  It actually started back in March, I had wanted to try raw edge applique.  I did a couple of pieces, liked it but had way to many other things going on to play.

Jump to the Christmas in July Blog Hop where I focused on Tumbler blocks.  I had a give away and wanted to include a note. I know awhile back I did a few cards based on crazymomquilts book No Scrap Left Behind so I took the card idea and matched it up to a tumbler and raw edge applique and got

Well I got a Christmas Popsicle with a star instead of a tree.  I'm sure Louise H.  will appreciate it once it and the other goodies arrive at her door.

I am now going out of order because I wanted to know if you knew that it was National Watermelon Day ?

 I found out when I opened Carla's blog createinthesticks this morning.  This is her design done by me who is pretty new at this process.
 and I wanted you to see it before you got bored with all the pictures that are coming up.


Back to my original .  What did happen was a gap in my list of to dos that needed to be filled.  I have been following several creative types, both bloggers and IG folk who have inspired me with their raw edge work.  Most specially Minki Kim @zeriano.

Well on the 28th I found a very simple applique design from the holidays that I had done in Red Work and set up my personal challenge

I decided that I would work on one small piece a day for 30 days.  My background pieces will be no larger than a 6 1/2 inch square.   

This is one of Minki Kim's designs

When it comes to how I am doing the raw edge work I have shifted back and forth between using a regular sewing foot with a tiny stitch length and FMQ, something I am very inexperienced at.

 I am pleased how this first attempt worked out.  Not sure what it's called when there is only outline work done and no applique.  These are also Minki Kim's designs.  She had bits of fabric in her versions.

He is a cutie that I found under clip art

This is a basic house by me.

Found these ladies out on the internet somewhere. They are tied with the little chick for first place in my heart. (so far)

This was today's block, another design by Minki Kim

So that's what I've been up to around my ususal Quilty, macrame, knitting and crocheting  stuff.  What's happening in your creative life.


  1. What a super fun challenge for yourself. All of these are so cute, but you know I love the watermelon best! lol I really love the look of all. You are really inspiring me with ideas for sure!


  2. wow! I love all your work! You've inspired me.

  3. I love all of these! I follow Minki Kim and even got some of her patterns. You've inspired me to give it a try.

  4. LOL!!! Love your Christmas popsicle! That's a new twist on the holidays! Your raw edge applique is just too cute. It's fun to sit down and play isn't it!

  5. Super cute! I love the sketchy way these all look.

  6. The Christmas posicle turned out so cute. I've been following all your adorable creatoins on IG. So much fun!!!

  7. I think you've created a great challenge for yourself! Cute blocks AND your free motion quilting skills will really get a workout. Bet you're already seeing lots of improvement there, though from these pictures, I don't see room for improvement! Such darling designs. You're gonna have a nice quilt when you're all done.

  8. You made great progress.This is really pretty and good idea on site !



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