Friday, June 1, 2018

Quilts for the Twins

Last week was Wish Upon A Star Blog Hop Week.  On Tuesday morning one of the posts that I read was Days Filled With Joy where Joy posted a Quick Star Tutorial.  The tutorial is for a lovely large star like this.

The tutorial is for a 36 inch square star, not a quilt.  You get to choose how you want to set the star into your quilt.

Tuesday afternoon I got a call from a cousin letting me know that she will be the grandmother to twins sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Perfect timing, huh.

Tuesday night I started quilt #1. Last night, 9 days later, I finished quilt #2.

The backing and background are relatively new fabrics but the orange and novelty fabrics were in my stash.

My finished quilts measured in at 50 inch square

I got each top done in about 4 hours. Great time if you are looking for a quickie quilt.

I used a 2 1/2 inch inner border and a 5 1/2 inch outer border. I thought that the star and fabric choices were busy enough to keep the borders simple.

I had a great time  working on this unexpected project.  I'm off to see what's on my actual quilting to do list.  I know there are a few Blog Hops on my horizon.  Need to go and check out their status. 

Happy June


  1. Posting here for follow up comments.

  2. Those are adorable quilts. I'm sure they will be loved and enjoyed.

    Please let me know if the follow up comments is working for you.

  3. What great quilts and needing a quick pattern, super.

  4. They turned out so well! I love the fabrics you chose... I'm sure they will be loved by the twins!! xx


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