Sunday, December 27, 2015

Finding Treasures - HA

I'm in my official holiday quilting slump. I have 2 projects on the table, 1 a  very late Christmas present and 1 a baby gift for a baby born last month.

When this happens I generally switch to knitting or crocheting.  Christmas afternoon found me crocheting hats for pediatric cancer patients in RWJ hospital in NJ and a couple for Operation Shoebox.

By this afternoon I was up to 7 hats and out of small amounts of yarn.  I have a large yarn stash buried under boxes in my garage that I really didn't want to tackle.  Stashed away in the spare bedroom closet I knew I had a large tote of misc yarns.  Didn't know exactly what was in it but I figured I'd be able to find something to work on.  

This is the tote,  It's the largest one that Lands end makes.  It was chock full of treasures, some dating back 4 - 5 -maybe 6 years. Some from earlier this year ( the ones on top ) 

These pictures have been taken after I dumped the bag and sorted its contents.

I found missing needles of various sizes.

This bag contains many skeins of cotton yarn and several started wash cloths and pot holders.

The blue bag contains started projects and small balls of left over yarn. the green bag is a sock and a half, the yellow bag is half a knitted drawstring bag. The purple piece is one of 3 pieces I was going to felt and make into purses for a friend for a Christmas long past.

These 2 bags contain yarns that will be given to a local charity that does yarn related projects.

I even found this vest that I barely remember making that only needs to have the ends woven in. 

Then there was some yarn for socks.

I'm not really sure how all that stuff came out of that one bag.  I'm thinking I don't need that Joanns coupon that is lying on the floor on the right. It's for the big yarn sale that they were having yesterday and today.

I think I should be able to keep myself busy until my quilting mojo comes back.


  1. I say you have a wonderful find! No need for that coupon.

  2. That is a magical bag!

  3. know what you mean.........spent last year working from the stash (yarn and fabric) Still at it but, beginning to see the light.

  4. I love my Land's End bag like that one...they do hold lots of treasures!

  5. Gosh, I think that knowing I had all that "buried treasure" in my garage and spare bedroom closet would be plenty motivation! Look at all the fun you had sorting through the stuff, and the good it will do for others and for YOU! What a good feeling, huh? Keep up the great work.


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