Friday, August 28, 2015

It's Already the end of Summer, WOW

Looking back I can see that it's been a very busy summer both for crafting and adjusting to retirement. I just can't believe it's just about over. In the past 2 weeks we have had my brother and his wife down for a visit from Jersey and our old Neighbors down for a week, also from Jersey with whom we did a few days at Disney.

In the in between times I did a bit of sewing.  I know I was a little late on the triangular zip pouch wagon but I did manage to make one.

I think I made this one in about a half an hour.  I can't say that I will run out and make any more.  For me they just weren't  practical. I did fill this one with a gift card and mailed it off  to my niece. I also would have to do tabs on the zipper ends and I would need to do a finished lining.  All of my changes would make this an hour project and I'm not convinced it would be worth an hour of my time.

These are the Flamingos (Dude and Dudette) that my brother sent me for my new house. They held the welcome banner for my brother and sister in laws arrival.

I also managed to finish this quilt that has been donated to the local Honor Flight chapter through the Quilt Guild of the Villages. 

Shabby Fabrics has designed this pattern with Quilts of Valor in mind and offers a basic version of the pattern for free or a more colorful version for purchase.  I believe they also offer a kit.

It was a quick and easy pattern to put together. 

I also made another top in patriotic colors last week that I hope to finish this week and will post about it on another day.


  1. The pouch is cute, but I can see why one is enough. Your red, white, and blue quilt looks amazing and your photos of it are fantastic.

  2. I love your little triangle pouch but I agree, it doesn't look very practical. I've wondered about the three-sectioned Sew Together bag - whether the end result is worth the work that is in it. Everyone seems to be making it, but it looks very time-consuming. Have you heard any feedback on that?

  3. I made these little triangle bags years ago, funny how they are so popular again. The flamingos crack me up. Beautiful quilt! Hope you aren't in the path of the storm rolling toward Florida.

  4. That was such a cute idea for the flamingos. I'm sure your brother appreciated it.

    I've never been a triangular pouch fan either.

    I love your Quilt of Valor. Nice to know there are lots out there for this pattern. I have seen it before and it is on of my favorites.

  5. Summer went by as fast as a bunny. Love those flamingos. Too fun! Love the quilt too.

  6. Summer always flies by way too fast for my liking. The quilt is beautiful and you have a wonderfully generous heart to donate your beautiful work.


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