Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm Back with a couple of quilts and a little crochet

I can't believe I've not posted in 18 days. In all fairness I was back in Jersey for 5 of them.  Apparently I missed a lot of rain here in Florida.

I was in Jersey partly for business and partly for visiting with some friends and relatives. One of the friends, who is a  Knitter who quilts, and I went searching for yarn stores. Last visit we went to quilt shops because I'm a Quilter who knits. I found some lovely cotton/rayon mix to make a shawl. I got this far the night before I headed home.

My travel day home was a bit of a mess.  My noon flight was cancelled and my 5:00 flight didn't actually take off until 7:00.  It made for a lot of sitting and crocheting time at the airport.  Good thing I picked up that yarn and hook.  Life is funny that way.

This is it finished. I'm quite pleased with it.

This week I actually finished the quilt I've been working on since June.  I really need to do something about my attention span.  I get off track so easily.  This quilt is for the aunt of a very good friend. I've met her a few times and she is a lovely lady.  She lost all of her family quilts and afghans in a house fire.  Hoping this will give her some happiness this winter.

I love the hydrangeas in this print. It was so colorful and lent itself to working with lots of other individual colors.

This is the finished top made from the free pattern from Shabby Fabrics for Quilts of Valor.
It's around 59 x 73 a tad longer than my design wall.

Maybe I can it done before a new idea flies by that I absolutely must try NOW.

Leaving you with a doggie update

The girls recouping from a rough afternoon of  play and their daily trip to the park.


  1. HA - the flamingos under the umbrella. Now that had to be a lot of rain. Lovely quilt and sure to put a smile on her face. Now, those poor pups do look a bit pooped out.

  2. Love the hydrangeas quilt, the colours really appeal to me. I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated

  3. Love your hydrangea quilt. And thanks for the info on the QOV pattern. It is really nice.

  4. Nice shawl. No better way to spend time waiting for a flight than doing some sort of handwork.

    The hydrangea quilt is so cheerful. I'm sure your friend's aunt will love it.

    Looks like the girls have settled in nicely.

  5. Sounds like you had a fun time in NJ. Love your new shawl. Being I am the one who is at the airport dealing with passengers who misconnect and are stuck overnight...I might just start suggesting they take up knitting and crochet. LOL!! Gorgeous quilts too. It may have been 18 days of no posting, but you sure have been busy! ;-)

  6. Funny that I see your wonderful productivity here more than in person. :-) Nice that you had a project for your delayed flight. And your Quilts of Valor quilt is beautiful! How nice for you to share your gifts like this. Your two pups are adorable. I bet they keep you hopping!

  7. What better excuse to sit and play than the plane won't take-off! Could you have planned that any better? LoL So sweet of you to make a quilt for the start of a new collection. Love the look of your patriotic quilt. I have that attention span problem too! Like so many of us artistic types.

  8. Such a pretty quilt for your friend's aunt - and such a lovely reason to give her one! I'm sure she will appreciate it very much. And your girls look like they love their home - completely at rest!!

  9. It is so generous of you to make such a nice gift for your friend's aunt. I'm sure that she will adore such a lovely and thoughtful gift!

  10. I love the hydrangea quilt. She will be thrilled!

  11. What a beautiful quilt. So sweet to make it for someone who lost hers. And your travel project turned out great too!


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