Saturday, November 1, 2014

This weeks stuff

I haven't done a lot this week but what I did do was primarily for the Twas the Night Hop for later this month.

The different part of this particular hop is that we get a gift from another member of the hop.

We won't post about what we send. The recipient will do that as part of the hop.

I'm done with my gift for Barbara. Here it is all wrapped and 

ready to go.  Oh, and my gift arrived today.

I was really excited to get it, can you tell?

Thanks Bea, my gift is wonderful.


  1. Waiting to see what you sent and also what you received, Christmas already? Too scary!

  2. I love the little bag you put the gift in...I should have done that! Mine is already in the hands of Theresa and mine from Mary Pat is on the way to my mailbox. So exciting!

  3. Not fair! I can't tear my usual small hole in the paper to allow me to peak.

  4. Gracious! I want to peek at what *you* got!!! That was a tease and a half! Your gift 'bag' is darling -- nicely done!!! :)

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