Sunday, March 30, 2014

Black, white and Grey quilt - DONE

I'm done, I'm done. Hip, hip Hooray !!!!!

I have been working on this quilt physically for about a month but mentally since before Christmas.  It feels so good to have it finished. Tomorrow it will be delivered to the tween who requested it last year.

Sorry about the dark picture but it's raining here and quite dreary inside and out.

She requested a black and white based quilt with some animal prints.  She is also into sneakers.  Ta Da.

I squiggle quilted using all of the seam lines as guides in a blue grey .  I love the design that popped up in the white.

I also love the backing that was picked out by the Tween's grandmother.  For being so bright it is rather dark. I think I will need to go out and get some for myself.

This shot is after it's been washed and dried made all snuggly. Its now all ready to be popped into it's bag. 

While the rain continues to be dreary on the outside it is wonderful weather for crafting.  Not only did I finish this quilt, I finished my flag on a stick for my Hop posting on Wednesday and another helmet liner.

Have a happy week.


  1. Love the look - and the sneaker fabric. Yes, this weather has helped in getting things finished.

  2. Selina...I love this quilt and the quilting pattern

  3. LOVELY! You always amaze me with your skills. This one is a treasure for sure!

  4. LOVELY! You always amaze me with your skills. This one is a treasure for sure!

  5. Oh wow, your quilt looks awesome! Love the fun mix of animal print and the sneakers. The surprise backing is a delight in contrast to the front.

  6. Wonderful job! Love the surprise colors on the back .... absolutely wonderful!

  7. Congratulations on a great finish! The quilt turned out FABULOUS! Love the squiggle quilting... and it does look cool on the white areas! I'll have to remember this...

  8. Looks great Selina - can you pass on some of your creativity to me please - I have lost my mojo somewhere and I want it back!

  9. A very neat quilt! The tennis shoe print is great, as is the backing fabric. And I love the quilting you did. "Squiggles," huh? How 'bout a serpentine stitch? :-) It's a decorative stitch I suggest to new quilters, and they love it. So do I! Nice work.


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