Thursday, February 13, 2014

A little of this and a little of that

I pass these snow guys on my way to and from work everyday and they make me smile.  I'm sharing the smile with you today.

This month I had the great fun of swapping Valentine Post Cards with  Annie at

this is the wonderful card I received.  She is so talented. I love her work. Totally forgot to take a picture of the card I sent.

I previously posted about the helmet liners I am knitting. I posted the background for them and the who to contact if you are interested here

Now there are 3.  My goal is to do 6 of them before November.  Why did Google turn my picture on it's side????  I should be able to make it with minimal issues.  January / February are my heavy knitting and crocheting months.  These 3 will be mailed off to Jeanne at
this week.
Next up is the Chemo Cap project for our local hospital.

My crocheting project is chemo caps. 

I crochet at manic speed.  I find while Knitting is relaxing Crocheting is very stressful for me.

Totally self inflicted. I managed to get the hats with the flipped up bottoms done in 2 evenings a piece and the other hat I did in 2 1/2 hours.  My problem with crocheting is that I start timing myself and trying to beat my previous best time. I gave up crocheting afghans because of the loonesy I was creating in my head timing and besting each row.
I'll be back on Monday with my current quilting project for the Hugs and Kisses Hop, hope to see you then.


  1. You are doing a lovely job with your helmet liners and chemo hats - both great projects.

  2. Wow! You are working at warp speed on all your projects. Thank you so much for the helmet liners! I look forward to receiving them and really do appreciate your contribution to this effort.

    Love the snowmen too...they certainly put a smile on my face.

    Stay warm, my friend :)

  3. Well, who couldn't smile seeing those cheering snowpeople. They're adorable. I am hoping your postcard is still on its way to me.....I don't give up hope easily, and sometimes artistic mail takes the scenic route through the postal system.

  4. I can see why this scene makes you smile. Love the postcard ,that is wonderful! Great caps for the chemo and helmet liners , you are so kind to do this work.

  5. Those helmet liners look amazing, but too difficult for me. Nice work! :)

  6. Wonderful!!!!

  7. You are a crocheting maniac!! hehehe;) Such sweet hats you make!

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