Sunday, December 16, 2012

Very Productive Weekend

Some weekends are so much more productive than others.  This one was wonderful.
I still have several gifts to make before Christmas.  This idea I saw in my bloggy wonderings   I found here
Debbi has done a terrific tutorial for this 3 zip pouch.

Saturday between errands and a Christmas party I had a couple of hours all to myself. I had been wanting to make at least 2 of these for gifts so I thought I would get started.  I got this one finished in 2 hours and 10 minutes.  The tutorial was spot on.  No problem at all with any of the zippers.

After making the first one I determined that I would like it a little bit bigger and the person getting this one would need a strap.  I added an inch in width and an inch in the length.  I had no problems with these minor adjustments.

I lined this one with flannel because I had this brain storm that the bottom pocket would be a terrific place to put sun glasses.  If you can't see it in the photos this pouch is made of corduroy. The problem I did have with this pouch was the amount of fabric I was working with.  corduroy, fussible fleece and fannel made for a rather cumbersome piece to work on.   I plan on making one for me and I'm debating the fusible fleece.  Time will tell. That will be an after Christmas project.

Here is a shot of the 2 of them with the smaller one on top so you can see the size difference and the strap.

Another idea I picked up in the last week was for a gift for the dogs in my life.
I first saw it in one of the chain pet stores for around $12.  This morning I saw the same idea in my food store for $8.99.
These are the base of the doggie gift.  Granted, the ones I saw in the store were covered with cutesie animals.  The point is not the cutsie animal but the scrunchie sound of the plastic Bottle. So I'm recycling my water bottles.

This was my first attempt, I used a small bottle because I have 2 small dogs ont he list. OK not so cutesie. Good thing it's for the dog because it could really scare the poop out a small child.

This is try 2, a little less scary.  I am using left over corduroy for the base because it was there. The faces are from scraps from the floor where I missed the trash can. After all they are for the dogs afterall.
Most of the dogs I know are bigger and tough on toys so I'm actually toying with using an old pair of jeans.
                           This one is my third try,  much more cheery and seasonal to boot.

Tink liked the one with the pink collar. It took a few tries to get a picture with her not in motion.

So I guess it was a very successful attempt.  I will make seveal more this week.
She is so cute she doesn't need a cute toy.
I'm thinking of adding a cookie pocket to the back. So many ideas, so little time.


  1. Tink IS cute!! What a great idea for a dog toy, too! My dogs love to get hold of a plastic bottle in the yard - it can keep them entertained for hours!!

    Cute zipper bags, too!

  2. Love, love, love the dog toys, I wish I had more time.
    They have certainly been put on my list of things to make (in the future)
    Merry Christmas

  3. LOVE seeing your triple-zips! And I'm so glad you were able to enlarge it w/o any issues. Thanks for letting me know you are enjoying my tutorial! Hope you are voting over at the Pink Chalk tutorial contest! ;-)


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