Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The giving has started

We started the Christmas giving season at work this week. I make hand made gifts for 2 of my frineds at work every year. In my last posting I showed the corduroy 3 zip pouch which went to my friend P.

I forgot to take the pictures of the first 2 of 4 placemats that I made for my friend J. The first 2 were finished on time to deliver on Tuesday.  These 2 were finished today for late delivery tomorrow

These were great placemats to make for the holidays. They are made from 4 fat quarters stacked together and shuffeled.  This is the pattern I used.  It shows 5 versions.

Here are a couple of more dog toys. I decorated them front and back.  The stick man is going to P. for her dog Chuck and the little guy went to MJ's bosses puppy.

There are eleven people in the office that P and I give gifts to. Of course I totally missed a phote of them.  They were very nice travel mugs that we filled with hot chocolate, candy canes, mints and those mini hersey bars that I posted about a couple of posts back.
This year we also have 3 temps that we wanted to give a small gift to.

I got this idea from  Freda over at:

They whipped up in no time at all once I found my glue gun.  Oh and the background for this picture is the back of the first of the placemats.

I still have a couple of small gifts to finish up yet and I really need to start the Christmas cards. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. I like the placemat 'shuffle' pattern - going to have to show that to my SIL for a future project. And the little sleds are so cute.

  2. The placemats are awesome! What a great gift!

  3. What fun placemats and dog toys and those little 'goodie' sleighs are great!!! TFS

    Merry Christmas to you and yours :o)

  4. Great gifts, Selina! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!!


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