Friday, April 13, 2012

Number 3 is almost done

The third childs quilt I needed to make this spring is almost done.  I finished the top last night.  I need to make the sandwich but I needed to clear off "the table" I use for the pin basting of all of the scraps from all of the projects I have been working on for the past couple of months.  Usually things don't get quite this out of hand but the last 2 tops I finished i sent out so I didn't have the necessary shove to clear the table top.

This quilt is for one of the girls i work with.  She is having her first next month.  I made this quilt without haveing to purchase anything.  The stars are made from the left over HST from my swoon quilt.  The background is also from that quilt.  I over bought the background just in case.  The border is from my stash.  That fabric was used for the swoon blocks also so it was still on the table begging to be used.

Additional stuff on my table was from the 2 pieces that I will be displaying on the Table Topper Blog hop which starts on Monday, April 16.  See the button top right.  Another Blog hop ochestrated by madam Samm.  My day (along with 5 other lovely and talented ladies is the 24th.  I had never done a table topper before.  Had a great time doing these pieces.  Small and very quick to do and I did a lot of large stitch hand quilting which I don't normally do anymore because it takes too much of my time.  Really enjoyed the process.  Can't wait to see what everyone else did.


  1. Sweet quilt and super to use all those lovely bits from another project up. Look forward to seeing you during the Table Topper HOp.

  2. I love making quilts from stash and leftovers... there's just something about 'em!

    Your coworker will love this one... I'm sure baby-to-be will enjoy it as well!

  3. Great use of your scraps! Love that you "overbought" swoon quilt background.....I always thought that's what we were supposed to do! :-)


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