Sunday, April 29, 2012

First I'd like to thank all of you who dropped by during the Table Topper Blog Hop. I would especially like to thank all of you who left such wonderfully supportive notes.  My goal for this evening is to respond to them. 

I am running late with that because we were away for the Blog Hop.  We were in sunny (maybe not so much) Florida looking for a retirement home. We've still got 3 years but thought that prices etc. may not hold out that long so we should strick while the iron is hot.

To make a lonnnnnnnnng story short we are the proud owners of a piece of land in The Villages. House to be built on it this summer. It looks like an amazing place to retire to.  Saw in their weekly news of things to do at least 7 quilt groups and many groups of crafters of every kind.  Any one out there from there?

We were gone for the entire Hop and MJ let me use his tablet to keep track of the goings on.  We have a household where we each have our own toys because I am really hard on them.  It was really big of him to offer his tablet and true to form I somehow messed it up.  He now has all of my December blog pictures on his tablet.  I have no idea how I did it and we can't figure out how to undo it. What is it that they say about good deeds?

Since I've been back I have managed to do another pouch for a friend.

She was looking for something to replace her purse on workdays to cut down on the number of bags she totes around. This one needed to fit into the bag she uses to carry her computer back and forth.

I got creative.  Here is a zipper pocket for change.

 Slots for credit cards and space for bills. The piece of velcro works with the next picture of the flap

 that will cover over the cards and bills

I then went to clean up the sewing room and remembered the posting by Beth at Love Laugh Quilt about Half Log Cabin   Free style.  Needless to say I didn't get the room cleaned up unless you count using some of the scraps as cleaning up.

4 blocks  down 36 more to go.


  1. Retirement - how I wish? Quilting groups - what a bonus. Love your new pouch, the colours are so restful, I love blue. Going to check out the half log cabin, as I always have a lot of scraps

  2. Congrats on planning for your retirement (you are going to enjoy every moment when you do)...have fun building your new home! Adorable pouch and love the half log cabin blocks as well! TFS

  3. Love the blue bag - lots of usuable spaces. I like the yellow chinmey for the half-logs! They sparkle.

  4. Sew.....the half log cabins are great! I love the idea of no math blocks! Will try them out instead of boring string blocks. Still waiting for my :-)
    June - NJ

  5. Yes! I definitely count using scraps as cleaning up ;-)

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  7. I really like your log cabins...especially with the white in every other layer.

    (And sorry about the earlier comment. I just seperated my personal and quilting blogs and I'm having a hard time remembering what account to post with. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea.)


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