Friday, February 10, 2012

My Swoon Top is Done

I started my Swoon quilt on January 19 and finished it up yesterday, February 9.

I know these aren't the best pictures but we aren't due to have sun here in the next few days and by then I hope to have this off to the quilter.

I am so happy to have finished it in and around the other little things I played with during the past few weeks while working full time.

I had no idea what I was planning to do with this quilt but coincidentally yesterday I received a hold the date notice from a very dear friend for her anniversay party coming up in May.  I'm thinking it is meant to be hers.

My next project is using all of the HST that I have left from this top.  I have started making star blocks.  I hope to have enough to whip up a baby quilt for a gal from work. 

It's supposed to be a snowy, read as quilty, weekend.  Hope to be a very productive girl.


  1. Congrats on a great finish!! It looks incredible. Can wait to see it when it comes back from quilting!

  2. Wooo hoooo!!! Congratulations... ya done good!

  3. Looks wonderful! Perfect timing as a gift for your friend too!
    Stay warm this weekend.

  4. That is very nice. Those blocks look challenging!

  5. Love this one! You did good!
    What happened to the snow that was on the ground this am? Still a great day to sew or knit..........I feel a "swoon" coming on

  6. Oh, it's lovely! I do like these swoon quilts so much - and your color choices are beautiful! Whoop whoop!!

  7. What an achievement in such a short time, well done. Hope you post photos when it has been quilted.

  8. Lovely finish! Can't wait to see it quilted.

  9. Beautiful swoon! Love this quilt and your friend is going to be one lucky girl:) Can't wait to see the full view finish. You did a great job!


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