Friday, March 11, 2016

March 11 Update

We have been away for the past week enjoying time with family and friends at Disney World.  The down side to the vacation was the pollen and its adverse effect on my ability to breath. I've been home for about 20 hours and am feeling sooooo much better locked in with the air conditioner running.

I've been keeping a hand written log of what I have worked on in my world of crafting since the beginning of the year.  One side of the book notes what I want to do or have committed to do and the other side shows what I have done each day. Each night I make a note of what I worked on even if I only worked on it for as little as 15 minutes.  I must admit it has been eye opening  and it is keeping me on track for my commitments.

Since my last posting I have been making Mickey and Minnie hats for Angel Snugs. (yes they do get permission from Disney) I turned in the Mickey's before the trip and the Minnie's got dropped off on the way home.  I managed to make 6 of each.  Totally forgot to take pictures of the Minnie's before I turned them in. Blaming the pollen for that oversight. This is a picture of  the Mickey's before the ears were attached.

I made a couple of the Pixie Baskets, the tutorial has been all over the internet.  They were a fun project that I did in an evening.

I've also been keeping up on my Quilty 365 blocks.  Before the trip I was one ahead. Last night I prepped 8 and stitched 4. I think that I am now 3 behind.  I hope to get them done today.  I'm so afraid of getting behind on this project and then dropping it. I've started to put the blocks together in groups of 8 just so I can keep track of them.  They outgrew their space on my wall way to quickly.

I made 2 additional sets of rope coasters and baskets. One set was requested by my cousin and the other was a gift for the friends we met up with at Disney. My friend can't wait to try making them on her own. Always a good response when making things for crafty friends.

I finished quilting and binding the Honor Flight quilt I was working on with my guild. Turned that in before I left for Disney.

My girls like to hang with me when I am sewing so I made them a rather large bed for the sewing room floor from an old Mattress pad and a fleece blanket kit I got on sale and with a coupon from JOANN's.  This photo shows Nets testing the in progress bed. Shes seems pleased.

And then because I have nothing else to do I started a new hand quilting project just for me

These are my dotty clam shells.  I love them.  I had 3 fat quarter bundles of these dots just hanging out in my sewing room.  I saw a clam shell quilt posted somewhere and my brain started to click away at the possibilities.  I had always wanted to "quilt" a quilt with that pattern but had never given any thought to making a quilt with them.  Not having a clue where to begin I started to google. This is where I am on the project.  It is truely a learning experience and I am enjoying it completely.  The info available out there is amazing.


  1. Love that you can keep a journal - that escapes me. I do adore your baskets. Awwww, what a cutie on her new bed in progress. I would like to try the clam shell - maybe in the fall.

  2. Wonderful to catch up on all your projects. You continue to amaze me with everything you achieve. Great idea to keep on track with your journal.

  3. Your 365 circles look so great - what is your secret to really round circles? Mine are forlorn. HELP!

  4. Whew! You have been super productive. I love the way you are tracking your projects.

    The dotty clam shells are adorable...just like Nets!

  5. Do your hands ever rest? (I hope not!) You should feel so good about the work you're doing for so many, and I'm glad to see some sewing for yourself happening, too.

    Florida air this time of year is notorious for making me reach for an inhaler. Between red tide, pollen, and mold from all the recent rains this winter I think it was especially bad. I was there in the SW area this past week, too. Glad you're back to normal now.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  6. I love your bowls and coasters - I may have to make some as a hostess gift for our Easter hosts this weekend....

  7. I can't believe Florida's pollen slowed you down one little bit! Look at all you've done! And so generously for others. I'm sure the book is great for tracking one's progress on projects, but I've never been a list person. I think I'd be disappointed with myself for slow-moving WIPs. Happy to see your little boy enjoying his new bed. It's really nice having a sewing room companion, isn't it?


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