Saturday, July 18, 2015

Recessed Zipper Pouches - Celie has finally arrived

It's been crazy busy here for the past 2 weeks. Two different groups of relatives and friends from Jersey came to the sunshine state for a visit. Three nights and four days at Disney with a couple of the visitors to celebrate a 10th birthday and last but certainly not least Celie has finally arrived.

more photos of Celie below

I was feeling very quilty deprived so yesterday to get my feet back into the game I made Lola Pouch, made with the pattern by Svetlana/s.o.t.a.k handmade

OK so I actually made 2.  I had a bundle of 5 fat quarters from JoAnns that I have been hoarding for awhile now. I used 4 of them.

I believe that after making these 2 I have enough scraps from the 4 fats to make at least one more.

Looking at these pictures I can see that I was in a real frenzy about making something. I really need to press much better before I start to sew. 

Anyway what I loved about these pouches is the recessed zipper and the bound edges.

The way the zippers are sewn in you get a really wide mouth  to the pouch.

I also finished the top for the quilt I've been procrastinating over. Pulled some fabrics for the backing so I might get it sandwiched this weekend. Where have I heard that before.

For those dog lovers out there here are a few more pictures of the latest member of our family.

It took no time at all for her to find the sofa.

She has a very sad face. We are working on making her smile a bit more. 

They played hard and crashed.  I know they are really tired in this photo because they were on the floor and not on a piece of nicely padded furniture.

That's more like it.

We've had her to the vet for a meet and greet. She came with heavy duty medical issues. Her immune system is a wreck and she is resistant to most antibiotics.  She seems to be doing very well at  the moment and we hope to keep her that way.  She's had a very tough life in her not quite 2 years. We are hoping being in a stable environment with her sister (they are litter mates) will keep her on track. Wish us well.


  1. Your pouches are darling but Celie is even more darling! She's a lucky girl to have you for her forever family, especially with her extra needs. Bless you!

  2. Cute little zips. Oh, how cute! Sure Celie will be smiling soon in her new and loving forever home.

  3. Your new one is just too cute. I know she bring a lot of love with her. Great little pouches. Pressing has never been my stong suit either, so I didn't even notice. LOL!! How you liking your new home in FL?

  4. Pouches are cute, where would one find that pattern? And the pooches are adorable, I'll say a prayer for Celie's health to improve and stabilize now that she is in a good home. Hopefully her age will be a big help too.

  5. Cute zip pouches, and Celie is a beauty!! She's found a good home with you!!

  6. Great pouches made with cute fabrics! Best wishes for doggie! She'll be smiling in no time. She won't be able to believe her good luck.

  7. Congratulations to the "arrival" of Celie to your family! I'm sure she will be all smiles once she realizes she's finally home ")

  8. great pouches, so glad you liked the pattern. Adorable doggies :)

  9. Sweet dog. Let's hope a good home life helps her. Your zippered pouches are great. Nice job. I looked back and really like your crocheted baskets -- they would certainly help use up some of the yarn stash. On the other hand crochet is definitely not my favorite thing to do... decisions, decisions.

  10. I love how the girls have taken comfort on the padded sofa sans slipcover! They're beautiful and will be too spoiled to remember their "toddler" years.
    Hope it's OK to copy your pouches. They are really cute and photograph well. Seems that your JoAnns has much nicer fabrics than the one we have here...


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