Sunday, May 10, 2015

H2H 2015 Quilt number 2 - ALMOST

Three or four weeks ago I saw a sweet quilt posted on thecolorfulfabriholic  by Jan.  She is making it for this years H2H (see the button on the right).  I figured I had enough stash to make a similar one for the same cause.      

This is my version, entirely from my stash. It finished at 48 x 64.  

The ALMOST I ran into was that friends of ours came for dinner the other night and fell in love with it. Please, please can we have it.  It walked out my front door so fast I never got pictures of it.  These are the pictures of the quilt from it's new home.

Inside and out.

Front and back.  

I'm thinking that my problem is that I am ahead of schedule this year on my H2H quilts. Oh well, that's what retirement is all about, right.  

Meanwhile I'm more than sure that I have enough stash to get another one done in time.


  1. Hey, when there is a strong connection to a quilt, you just have to let is go to that heart. I would have done the same. And I see you used my favorite serpentine.

  2. Oh, that's so funny! It's hard to turn someone down when they love something you've made that much! Hugs!

  3. The best part is knowing how loved it will be. It does look awesome. Love the design and the colors and no wonder it was grabbed up. And how wonderful you've got the time to make another for the charity. You know I'm jealous! But someday will come. :-)

  4. It is such a great feeling when our quilts are adored by others. Such a sweet thing for you to allow them to have it and make another one for H2H.

    I finished binding my second H2H quilt yesterday. I will only donate two, this is my first year participating so I feel pretty good about it.

  5. At least you know it will be loved. : ) I like the pattern. It will surely be a cheerful note for someone's day. Best wishes on making another one. Glad to hear your retirement is filled with lots of sewing time. Thanks for sharing.

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