Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fun Quick Bag

On a daily basis I get ideas from  A new idea every morning. The ideas are all over the map, clothes, stuffed animals, household items, bags, pin cushions etc. etc. etc.  All come with instructions. I have gotten ideas for several gifts from this site and would recommend it.

A couple of weeks ago the great Easy Peasy Backpack  was the item of the day.  It may have taken me 2 weeks to try it but I've now made 4 of them in 5 days.

What I love the most about them is that you don't need anything beyond your fabric stash, no hardware required.  I believe it takes about a yard of fabric which includes the lining and the draw string.

The blue with pink bag was made following the instructions with only one exception.  The instructions call for the drawstring to be tied in a knot and I sewed the ends together.  It took roughly an hour and a half to make it (with no interruptions).

I then made another for me in a dark print that I have been hording for years.  I ended up using the trimmings for simple interior pockets.  That bag, that I made for me walked out the door with a friend the next day. She saw it hanging on the back of the chair after the photo shoot.

Bag 3, a twin to bag 2 has also found a new home.  On to bag 4 which is close to bag 2 and 3 but not a triplet. This time instead of making the draw string I used store bought cord which I had in my stash.  This really sped up the process. The draw string is about 3 1/2 yards long and required a lot of ironing which is not my favorite thing to do. Easy but not my cup of tea.

Tied knots this time, knots seem to go well with the cord.

Again used the trimmed off pieces to make pockets.

I will, no doubt, make these again.  I think they would make a great gift bag and I have plenty of time left before Christmas not to mention the Christmas yardage in my stash. ;)


  1. These look like a fun project that I think my SIL would love to try - she loves making any kind of bag. And they would be great gift bags for holidays and even birthdays.

  2. Fabulous idea, and your bags look great - did you get to keep one for yourself? Will definitely add this to my list of items to make
    Thank you

  3. These bags are a great idea. Thanks for the information!

    I think my favorite is using the cording. I hate the old ironing-to-make-straps :(

  4. These are so cute! And what a great idea to use them as a gift bag. I laughed when I read that you made 4 in 5 days - I can relate!!

  5. Very nice! Would be good for the Backpack for kids programs...

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