Sunday, December 7, 2014

A very productive vacation

Got back late last night from a wonderful 10 day vacation to Florida.  We arrived on Thanksgiving  and joined our friends at their neighbors for a wonderful Turkey dinner. 

The hosts are people I had only met once in passing.  They heard we would be in town and included us in their festivities.  We arrived as the Turkey was being placed on the table. We had a terrific holiday with lovely people.

Since I knew in advance that we would be joining them I whipped up a set of bowl buddies with matching towels and gift card.  I then made a tote to use as a gift bag. I couldn't very well drag dessert on the plane. tee hee

Since Christmas is fast approaching and time is running short I mailed the central portion of this quilt top along with the border and backing fabric, binding and batting down ahead of time.

This was from Terry at Terry's Treasures where we are doing Charming Star Blocks at no rate at all just a suggested maybe 4 per month.  No pressure unless it was self inflicted

Got it totally finished and have mailed it back to NJ.  It should be here tomorrow

I love the backing fabric, the print is made up of Christmas ornaments

I had sent more than enough fabric to complete the quilt so I made one of those 10 Minute (read as a bit over an hour) Table Runners.

Here it is on my table.  I gave it to our friends. Sorry I didn't take a picture of it on their table.  The colors worked so well in their dinning room.

I also managed to knit 2 Chemo Caps, one on the flight down and one on the flight back.

They are done with size 13 needles and bulky yarn.   They really look great on.

Back to work tomorrow ( maybe to rest up).

Have a great week.


  1. What a nice hostess set to gift. Your Charming Stars quilt is delightful.

  2. Your charming stars quilt looks wonderful! Congratulations on getting it finished! :0)

  3. You sandwiched and quilted a whole quilt on a 10 day vacation?! Did you forget to vacation?! LoL. Wozers girl. And a beauty it is too. The ornament fabric back is such fun. I love all your great hostess gifts too. ***note to self: invite Selina for the holdays***. 😉

  4. What a great bunch of handmade items! Love the stars. ;)

  5. Glad to hear your vacation was a good one. You really were productive.

  6. Great gift! I've the bag!!

  7. How sweet that you got a well deserved 10-day vacation! Giving a bag filled with homemade gifts was such a great idea and so kind. The quilt looks the colors! As for a 10-minute project...LOL...mine always takes longer than that!

  8. Looks like a wonderful vacation. Love all your gorgeous projects!

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