Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Postcards

They really are such fun to do.  I am getting such a great feeling of accomplishment tossing Post Cards into my quilting mix.

I participated in a FALL Post Card Swap coordinated by Sheila at
I was late to the party and Annette from  took on double duty and made  this card for me. The leaves are embellishments and the effect is wonderful.

Since I spend more of my waking  life at work than I do at home I now her card sitting on a small plate rack on my desk  to brighten my day and to share with the folks I work with.

In turn I made this little guy for Annette.  It took 12 days to get to her. Columbus day here and Thanksgiving in Canada apparently slowed down the process a little bit.


This is a wall hanging pattern designed by Kaaren Johnston of the Painted Quilt.  It is her latest FFF design. I shrank it down considerably to fit the 4 x 6 Post Card standard and had to eliminate the top section of the design but it worked perfectly for a Fall Post Card.

While I was on this Post Card roll, I whipped up a Birthday card for my MIL.  She truely loves it when I make her little quilty things.

I was told by the admiring Postal person that this one is not truely a post card as it measures in at something more like 6 x 9 than 4 x 6 but who other than her really cares.
This week begins the Wicked Hop.  I hope you are planning on stopping by to visit all of the creepy, crawley blogs that will be participating.  I will be coming out of the shadows on Thursday.  Hope to see you here then.


  1. It was great to swap with you Selina. Your MIL's card looks great I am sure she will enjoy showing if off a little too.
    I'll be watching for your next Wicked appearance.
    in stitches

  2. Love your postcards Selina - great idea for a birthday. Not sure of the postal requirements in Australia, however I might put it to the test.
    Hope your wicked projects are as great as last year

  3. I've been having a peek around your blog. Your postcards are adorable. I'm happy to stumble across a fellow fabric postcarder. I've become a new follower of yours. Postcards can be a variety of sizes, not just 6X4 but the larger ones take extra postage. I'm sure you are well aware of that. I think they are so wonderful to send through the mail.

  4. What lovely postcards... all of them! I can see why you'd like having that pumpkin sitting on your desk at work... definitely a day-brightener!

    I made a camping-theme postcard and sent it to my oldest grandson when he was at Boy Scout camp. When I went to the PO to mail it, I wasn't sure if it would make it out of the building... all the mail clerks were admiring it when I left.

    My grandson loved it so much, his mom put it in a frame for him. He keeps it on his desk in his room...

  5. I love the postcards - the pumpkin one is my favorite. :) blessings, marlene


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