Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Modern Quilt and More Bowl Buddies

In between my last several projects I attempted my first “Modern” quilt.   Several months ago I first saw this quilt that I wanted to make. I had a big problem starting the quilt because I never wrote down where I saw it.  I knew it was in a new book.  Name? I knew it was done by someone I kinda sorta follow, who?
I did ask around but I couldn’t describe it well enough to get a hit. It was just a fuzzy memory. About 3 weeks ago I tripped over a title that sounded familiar and lo and behold it was it.  The quilt is “SCATTERED” by Allison Harris at Cluck Cluck Sew, and is found in the book Modern Quilts From The Blogging Universe.    So sad, I can’t remember how you are supposed to type the title of a book,  sorry all you English majors out there.
Anyway, here is my Scattered. I used a charm pack and threw out the band on the pack so I cannot give credit for it.
I used the left over charms on the back to give me that little extra I needed on the width.
I sent the quilt to Sarah at Sweet Potato Quilts to quilt it for me.  She did her usual stellar job.  She sent it directly to the address I was using for my Florida vacation and I was able to do the binding while on the trip.
Please excuse the pictures.  My original intent was to bring it home and take pictures with my camera.  At the last minute, 6:00AM Wednesday, I decided I wanted to leave the quilt in Florida, so I took pictures with my cell phone.  I’m not quite as steady at that hour of the morning as the cell phone would like me to be.  I also missed taking a close up of the loopy quilting that went so well with the triangles.
All in all I am thrilled with the results and the ease of construction.  I see several more of this pattern emerging from my sewing room.
Another of the projects I've fit in is another set of Bowl Buddies.  Couldn't post these before vacation because my friend J always checks my blog just before we get together because she knows I will have made her something.
These are such fun to make. Just had to make her a set.

              I gave them to her last Thursday and she was surprised so I can now post the pictures.






  1. Hi, I came over from you link at Crazy Mom Quilts. The quilt is great!

    I've been seeing those bowl buddies everywhere lately. I think I may have to start whipping up a few Christmas presents! (And of course I won't be able to post them since they will be gifts!) :-)

  2. Ooh, Selina, that's outstanding!!! I absolutely love it!! Whoop whop!!

    I won a copy of that book, but the blogger never sent it - looks like I may have to buy it just to get that pattern! I may use it for Lilli's quilt this year....

  3. Scattered turned out so pleasing! And I think I need to make some bowl buddies for us - keep burning my fingers on bowls out of the microwave. . .

  4. Your scattered quilt looks great! I like the tan background!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. This is so great! I love the tan back of the Scattered quilt! Thanks for sharing! -Allison

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