Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another busy week

Where to begin….. I had great plans for myself for last weekend’s crafting.  I was going to put the binding on my king size swoon quilt and maybe do some blocks for the Dot Blog along.  Dinner conversation Friday evening put an end to that.  One of MJ’s coworkers and her family had been burned out of their home. Thankfully they are all OK. 

So what does any self respecting quilter do?  Why they commit to making 3 quilts for the kids in the family of course.  I only had one tiny problem and that was what to make.  Now I’m really good at baby quilts and my adult quilts aren’t bad but for tweens and teens, not really my thing.  There are none in my life at this point so I had to rough it.  The only info MJ had was that there were 2 girls and 1 boy in the tween to young teen age range.

I tackled the boy first and went to my old faithful stars.  I was surprised that I actually had enough dark blue fabrics without flowers and swirls to do the stars.

Then it was off to the girls.  One of my favorite quilts is this one I can’t remember what it’s name is but I have posted about it in the past with a link to the tutorial.  If you need it let me know and I’ll dig it out for you. 

Anyway, the center squares are lovely fine line flowers in several bold colors.  So I went with the bold colors for the outside of the blocks and ended up second guessing myself trying to figure out if it was too childish.  I have it on good authority from one of my coworkers with a tween that this was good and not childish and would be OK.

I put in most of Saturday and Sunday and after work on Monday on them.  Tuesday was a vacation day and I managed to get the backs done and got them into the mail to the quilter by noon.  

Got home from the post office and started this posting only to have Blogger not accept my pictures.  It didn’t matter what I did or what source I used I couldn’t upload a picture. Wasted a lot of time trying and decided to get to work on the third quilt.  I determined that a Jelly Roll 1600  quilt would be good and I could quilt that one myself in a reasonable amount of time.

Tried posting again last night and the same thing.  Bloggers ears should have been ringing.  MJ came out to see what my problem was and to show me just how much better on the computer he was and he gave it a try.  Well in the end it seems it isn’t blogger. MJ had no problem uploading pictures onto a posting from his laptop it just seems to be my laptop that is having issues.  I’m doing this posting from work on my lunch hour. He won’t let me touch his 2 week old lap top,  I don’t have a good track record with electronic equipment. 

I guess I'll just stick to quilting.


  1. Very nice and very sweet of you to make them for the family. I'm glad everyone made it out ok.

  2. Beautiful quilts, Selena! I think you chose some great designs and colors/fabrics for those tweens!

    And have you tried de-fragmenting your PC? Sometimes that helps cure a lot of problems with PCs. Also, if you are using Internet Explorer for your browser, try switching over to Firefox - that solved a lot of problems for me when I was still using a PC. Best tip, though? When you're ready to replace your laptop, buy a Mac! I've had almost no problems with blogging since I started using a Mac...... They don't pick up as many "bugs" from the internet as PCs do.

  3. I especially love the second--I feel like I recently saw that pattern on pinterest, in a completely different color scheme, but also with no pattern name LOL! I love it.

  4. What a wonderful gift! I love your quilts, and good on you for getting through them so quickly given the circumstance of their future owners!

  5. I love that Garden Fence quilt. You chose wonderful colors! I'm just going to have to make one myself someday! : )

  6. Love the yellow Garden Fence! And the blue stars for the boy is great--Wow! You really knocked it out of the park getting them done so quick! Congrats!

  7. I would love to the link to the tute showing that quilt! It's adorable!! Thank you,, Amie in Tn.


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